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Edward Cullen Appreciates the Chinese Language

My life with Edward Cullen took a turn towards Asian appreciation today when he examined the packaging of an action figure made in his likeness. As he carefully read the description at the back of the package, Edward noticed that there was a grave printing error pertaining to one of his special abilities. We all know that Edward’s special ability is mind reading (aside from the sparkling skin and unholy physical perfection…sigh). However, the packaging said that his special ability is ming reading instead of mind reading.

Edward Cullen notices the error.

Edward Cullen notices the error.

“Look at this error. I am not a ming reader.” Edward said as he pointed out the error.

“Wow, you noticed that?” I replied.

“Of course. I am not just a fast runner. I am also a speed reader.” Edward replied. “Why do you suppose they printed ming instead of mind?”

“Since the Edward Cullen action figure was made in China, I think it was just an honest typographical error.” I answered.

“You are of Chinese descent. Do you know what ming means?” Edward asked.

I did not know so I offered to check its meaning by conducting a search using the very reliable Wikipedia. I read the information out loud to Edward.

“According to this, ming in Chinese is directly translated as enlightenment. The actual Chinese character for ming is a conjunction of the words sun and moon. These represent light and therefore, enlightenment.”

Edward thought to himself for a short while.

“I did not know that the meaning of ming is so beautiful. I guess the error was not too bad given the meaning of the word ming.” Edward said.

“The Chinese language is indeed a beautiful language. If you want to appreciate it more, may I suggest something to you?” I asked.

“Of course.” Edward replied.

“Since I am working during the week and you have nothing much to do at home, you can watch this really good Taiwanese television series entitled Fated to Love You. You can use my DVD player. My copy has English translation.” I suggested.

Fated to Love You Poster

Fated to Love You Poster

“Oh…ok.” Edward answered.

“Tell me what you think afterwards, ok?” I said.

“Sure.” Edward replied.

What a real gentleman Edward is. Other guys would probably not take my suggestion seriously.