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Edward Cullen goes to Tagaytay

My life with Edward Cullen became more exciting as he and I went out on our first out-of-town trip together. I took him with me when my girlfriends and I went to Josephine’s Tagaytay for their breakfast buffet. This was a girl’s trip so my hubby was not with me. I took Edward since he might be lonely. Besides, he has never been out-of-town in the Philippines before. Of course, when my friends saw him, they were all rendered speechless by his exceptional gorgeousness!

As we were partaking of the scrumptious breakfast (The buñuelos were awesome! See the picture.), Edward waited beside us. I took a photo of him as he waited and I think you’ll agree that after seeing this photo you all want to visit Josephine’s breakfast buffet. Isn’t Edward the best model?

Edward Cullen at Josephine's Tagaytay

Edward Cullen at Josephine's Tagaytay

Actually, the Josephine’s breakfast buffet was just ok. It was more the company that made the trip memorable. I went with three of my closest girlfriends. It’s like Sex and the City, isn’t it? I’m glad I have them along to obsess over Twilight and Korean telenovelas (My latest obsession).

After breakfast, we went outside to take in the view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. I took a photo of Edward overlooking Taal Volcano.

Edward Cullen points out Taal Volcano.

Edward Cullen points out Taal Volcano.

He playfully pointed it out and said, “This is an amazing sight! It’s so beautiful that it overshadowed my sparkle.”

I laughed. I did notice that he didn’t sparkle that much this time around. Maybe that’s the effect of the dinuguan

After taking in the sights of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, I sat at an intricate bench at Josephine’s and Edward made me laugh by making this funny pose.

Edward Cullen being silly.

Edward Cullen being silly.

“Thank you for bringing me here. I had a great time.” he said as his eyes smoldered.

“No, thank you for accompanying me,” I replied.

What a great first out-of-town trip with Edward!

Edward Cullen meets Dinuguan

Today, my life with Edward Cullen took an incredibly surprising turn when Edward admitted to being hungry. He planned to go out hunting but since it is a glorious sunny day outside, he couldn’t. I didn’t want him to get captured and killed by the Volturi. I mean, we all know he sparkles under the sun. I did not want to frighten the neighbours in case Edward exposes his awesome vampire sparkle. I mean, come on…his sparkle is awesome.

Edward sparkles under the sun.

Edward sparkles under the sun.

I was torn. I can’t keep him in the house hungry. I have children. He may not be able to restrain himself. What would a mother do?

Of course…I have to think of an alternative. Edward drinks animal blood…where can I get or order some animal blood? Jollibee? No. McDonald’s? No. Chowking? No. Pizza Hut? No. Red Ribbon…

Aha! Just a few calls and I can have his meal delivered.

I hope that this risk works…it should work.

When his food arrived, I took it out of the package and transferred it lovingly on a nice bowl.

“Edward! Your food is ready.” I called.

“You hunted for me? How did you get a mountain lion in the metropolis?” Edward answered with eyes so black, it scared me. He IS hungry.

“No. I ordered something for you.” I replied.

“You ordered something for me? Have you forgotten that I am a vampire? There is nothing in restaurants you can order for me.” Edward responded.

“In the Philippines, there is…” I replied. Then, I presented him with his food.

Edward Cullen sees his meal--the dinuguan.

Edward Cullen sees his meal--the dinuguan.

“Here, try this. It’s called dinuguan or pork blood stew. I can have the coke if you don’t want it.”

“Oh…” Edward said as he curiously examined my offering. “This is new. Why is it black?”

“Well, the blood has been cooked. Why don’t you try it? It is still hot…I know you like your food warm.” I encouraged.

“I smell garlic and chilis…” Edward replied.

“Is that a problem? I can take them out for you.” I offered.

“No. You know that the vampires and garlic theory is not true.” Edward responded.

“Go ahead, Edward. Eat…I mean, drink.” I said.

Edward bent over and devoured the dinuguan in lightning speed. After his meal, he looked up. His eyes were golden again.

Edward smiled his crooked smile and said “I like it here in Manila. Even the people eat and drink blood.”

I’m glad my risk worked. Thank goodness for dinuguan!