Mosquito Repellant Patches

Dengue fever cases have increased 50% this year in the Philippines making it doubly important for moms to protect their children (and themselves) from mosquitoes. In a recent visit to a hospital in Quezon City, nurses told us that at one point, the hospital was full with majority of the patients suffering from dengue fever.

In relation to protecting our children (and ourselves) from mosquitoes, I recently discovered these wonderful mosquito repellant patches being sold in groceries and drug stores nationwide. I think this is an awesome idea. Using citronella oil as main ingredient, these patches create a barrier between your children and mosquitoes. My children willingly put it on. I couple it with mosquito repellant lotion for extra protection. I know there are no guarantees but I feel more secure that my they are protected. One patch is good for 24 hours. I bought a box of 24 patches at around PhP120.00. There are several brands available in the market but I found that MoskiShield is the best one out there.

Koryo: Korean Fast Food Review

Koryo, a hip Korean fast food restaurant opened at the Sky Garden area of SM The Block and since I live in Quezon City, I had to try it. I described the restaurant as “Korean fast food” since the setup is very similar to other fast food places in the metro. Customers have to queue up and order their food “Kenny Rogers” style. Koryo offers traditional Korean grilled meats including Korean BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, breaded chicken and salmon. Of all the meats they offered, the liked the BBQ beef and salmon the best. My younger brother liked the BBQ chicken. Continue reading

Ready, Action! Kim Hyun Joong in Spain Photobook Review

When Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong (“Boys Over Flowers”, “Playful Kiss”) visited Spain last year, fans thought it was for a well-earned vacation. As it turned out, the visit was for a special photobook project which Kim Hyun Joong himself referenced as a “gift” for his fans in the year 2010. I am not really sure if this was what he referred to but given the style and quality of the photobook, I would say this was the gift he talked about. Continue reading

Electrifying Hearts: SHINee The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’ Launch Review

Today is a special day for all Filipino Shawols. It’s the official release of SHINee’s 2nd Album Lucifer for the Philippine market. Since my best friend had already given me a SHINee Lucifer Version B with an amazing plastic folder freebie for my birthday (Thanks, Sally!), I was not planning to get a copy of the Philippine release. Continue reading

The top ten highlights of the Rain Intensity show in Manila

Last night, I attended one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life and it’s all because of one performer–RAIN!

To be honest, I may be considered a Rain newbie. I am not really a huge fan although I knew him. I mean, if you’ve never heard of Rain, you were probably living under a huge rock these past year. Rain is THE Korean superstar who was recently in Ninja Assasin. He is well known for his singing, dancing and acting. I actually got to learn more about him when Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” jokingly challenged him to a dance off and recently commented on his “MTV Baddest Bad Ass” Award. Click here for the news report about this. Continue reading

Inception Movie Review

How do you plant an idea, a seemingly simple idea, into someone without them knowing that the idea came from you? How do you plunge into the subconscious and the unconscious? What can you find when you mess with the dream state? Watch Inception and you’ll find out (at least in the reel world). Continue reading

SHINee 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’ Review

SHINee’s long awaited second album is…surprising. When I first saw the concept photos, I felt a little scared for my favorite dongsengs of k-pop. The concept photos just seemed too wild. Out of the five concept photos, I only liked Taemin’s photo. After finding out that the title of the album is Lucifer, I got more worried. Lucifer is known as the ‘morning star’ angel who became the Devil. What is SM Entertainment doing? What is happening to my SHINee boys? Continue reading