Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair

What a surprising and fun Saturday afternoon I had today. Thanks to Etude House!

I visited SM The Block today as part of my daily Saturday grocery run. What a pleasant surprise that Etude House was having their “Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair” event. I wanted to enter the fair so I shopped a little at Etude House to get a ticket. Wanna see what I got? Continue reading

Mosquito Repellant Patches

Dengue fever cases have increased 50% this year in the Philippines making it doubly important for moms to protect their children (and themselves) from mosquitoes. In a recent visit to a hospital in Quezon City, nurses told us that at one point, the hospital was full with majority of the patients suffering from dengue fever.

In relation to protecting our children (and ourselves) from mosquitoes, I recently discovered these wonderful mosquito repellant patches being sold in groceries and drug stores nationwide. I think this is an awesome idea. Using citronella oil as main ingredient, these patches create a barrier between your children and mosquitoes. My children willingly put it on. I couple it with mosquito repellant lotion for extra protection. I know there are no guarantees but I feel more secure that my they are protected. One patch is good for 24 hours. I bought a box of 24 patches at around PhP120.00. There are several brands available in the market but I found that MoskiShield is the best one out there.

Hazeline Snow is the Best!

I just have to write about Hazeline Snow.  I simply love it! My mother-in-law, who is still blooming even after 60 years on this earth, first introduced this gem to me. She gave me a small container of Hazeline Snow which she bought from Ongpin. I do not know how much but I heard it’s really cheap.

My bottle of Hazeline Snow got used up fast. I just love the way it is absorbed so quickly by my skin and it does not leave an oily afterfeel. The result is a matte finish which makes the skin look and feel natural. Hazeline Snow is also a good make-up base. But the best thing I love about it is that it feels like snow! It makes moisturizing fun. =) Who said expensive stuff work best?! There are really a lot of cheap stuff that are so great. Hazeline Snow is one of them.

Oh, how I wish Unilever Philippines will bring back this wonderful product since I can only get the stuff in other countries whenever I visit. I do not really know where my mother-in-law got it in Ongpin.

Amu’in: Aromatherapy On-the-Go!

I had never been this excited about a product since I read the Twilight series! Yesterday, I went to the FAME Exhibition at SMX to attend the launch sparty for Amu’in, an aromatherapy line from the same company that brought us Spa Essentials (only available at Watson’s stores). 

During the sparty, guests were treated to a head and shoulder massage using products from theAmu’in Alaga (Care) line. The adept massage therapists from Nurture Spa enhanced the healing and relaxing effects of the product. 

After the head and shoulder massage, Dr. Mike Turvill and Mrs. Cathy Brillantes Turvill provided a highly practical yet informative session on aromatherapy and the chemistry of essential oils. I learned that the key to aromatherapy is the essential oil. Without the essential oil, the therapeutic properties cannot be delivered to the bo
dy. As such, consumers must be careful in ensuring that they patronize aromatherapy products that actually contain essential oils and not merely fragrances.

[Geek Speak!] Essential oils are botanical products extracted from natural plant oils used for healing and cleansing. Dr. Turvill, a doctor of organic chemistry, discussed the historical roots of aromatherapy and briefly showed us how essential oils are extracted. He also showed a chart that visually represents the composition of an essential oil. Of course, this type of presentation is appealing to geeks like me. =) Essential oils may be supplied to the body through inhalation and absorption. Dr. Turvill also explained why essential oils need carrier oils or other bases. Since essential oils are quite strong, many cannot be directly applied to the skin. Thus, carrier oils like grapeseed oil or lotion bases are needed. Also, essential oils are highly concentrated and expensive. If no carrier oils are used, nobody will be able to afford essential oils. [Geek Speak Ends!]

It is extremely obvious that the Turvills are experts in the spa industry. In fact, their company supplies spa products used in high-end resorts like Amanpulo, Shangri-la’s Chi Spa, Hyatt Saipan, Discovery Suites and many others. They also own Spa Professionals, an internally-accredited spa management school that offers training and consultancy services. 

The Amu’in Line

The Amu’in line of spa products is another innovation to bring real aromatherapy in a busy world. It’s stress control on-the-go. I think it is important to say that this product is proudly Filipino as the name clearly suggests.

From Sunrise to Sundown and Beyond

There is an Amu’in product for any time of the day and for any situation. This is how it works. Upon waking, the Amu’in Sigla (Energy) line supplies the energizing qualities of lemongrass, peppermint and lemon. Depending on your mood, you may use the Sigla shower gel followed by the body lotion or burn the essential oil blend through a burner. There is also a Sigla dry body oil, massage oil and room spray. My personal favorite is the Sigla body mist. The body mist is a spray that may be used throughout the day to help energize. It may be sprayed on to the face or hands. 

Aside from the energy line, there is also the Amu’in Alaga (Care) line. This line is designed to provide relief for headaches, tired muscles and even insect bites and dirt. The Amu’in Alaga line comes in a stress relief balm, warming oil, insect repellant, hand wash, hand lotion and hand sanitizer.

After a busy workday, the Amu’in Hulay (Relax) line supplies the relaxing qualities of lavander and ylang ylang. Similar to the Sigla line, Hulay is available in the form of shower gel, body lotion, dry body oil, essential oil blend, massage oil, room spray, linen spray, body mist and hand lotion.

For romantic occasions, there is the Amu’in Gayuma (Romance) line. The dominant essential oils for this line include the romance-inducing sweet orange, cedarwood, rosewood and ylang ylang. Gayuma is available in the form of essential oil, massage oil and room spray. 

I am soooo excited for this product since I am a very busy working mom and I need my aromatherapy on-the-go. Amu’in is now available at the following stores:

– Echo Store, Serendra
– Sanctuario Spa, Malate
– Sanctuario Spa, Q.C.
– Matus Jewelry, Goldcrest Glorietta 1
– Trinoma Landmark
For more information about the Amu’in products, visit their official website at