Levi Celerio Dies

Filipino National Artist Levi Celerio Passed Away

The brilliant mind behind such songs as “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit”, “Saan Ka Man Naroroon” and “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” passed away yesterday. He died of multi-organ failure caused by pneumonia. Mr. Celerio was 91 years old.

I am blessed to have met the man personally. My family dined in Mario’s Restaurant where Mr. Celerio worked and he was there playing the violin. I remember asking him to play the “Godfather Theme” for me and he did. During his break time, he sat beside me and asked me when my birthday is. I said September. He promptly told me that people born during the “ber” months love music. I can never forget that experience because that was the first time I got to sit and talk to a National Artist.

May his family be comforted in this time of grief.


Wedding Expo at The Fort

Ganns and I will be attending the Wedding Expo at The Fort this Saturday. We hope to get some discounts in dresses as well as photo and video services. At this point, we are thinking of hiring Ding Marquez for dresses, Dino Lara or Josiah’s Photography for pictures and Jason Magbanua for video. Wish us the best!


Rico Yan, a Filipino matinee idol, passed away in his sleep last Friday. I didn’t know him personally but he was my batchmate in DLSU. It was truly shocking to see a young person die just like that. Truly, we do not know when death will visit us. That’s why we must not waste our time chasing after ephemeral things. It’s doing God’s work that counts.


Last Holy Week, I attended our annual Church Camp. Our topic was on Christ-Centered Church. We really had a wonderful time during the seminars and the sports activities. I believe a lot of people were revived spiritually. It is my prayer that we continue to grow in the Lord and fulfill the great commission of sharing the Gospel to all nations. =)


It’s been two weeks since I last blogged. I’ve been working on something I’m not supposed to. Sometimes, we need to be flexible on the job.