Starting 2011 in full faith

Before 2011 started, Ganns and I believed in faith that this year will be a year of refreshing and deliverance. We both prayed that 2011 will be a time when the Lord will equip us for his greater work. With the help of our church, Victory Christian Fellowship, we are starting the year in faith and anticipation for what the Lord will do in our lives through the Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the DepEd 12-year Basic Education Plan for the Philippines

Last October 5, the Department of Education (DepEd) unveiled the initial draft of the 12-year basic education cycle for the Philippines. This radical announcement naturally resulted in a lot of talks and discussions on this issue. Numerous parents worried about the burden of paying for the additional two years of basic education. Some people started personally attacking Br. Armin Luistro, the current DepEd secretary, about this move. Their main contention was that there are other problems that needed to be addressed including curriculum review,  physical facilities and teacher training among many. As a mother and educator, I would like to share some points to ponder regarding this matter. Continue reading

Talagang Kaya ng Pinoy Learning Opportunity

Learn from 3 dynamic speakers-authors how to thrive and excel amidst adversity, challenges and crisis!

We live in a time where stress, challenges and crises are common words in day-to-day conversation.  Whether related to work, family or finances, adversities can temporarily distract us from achieving our goals or permanently ruin our confidence to pursue success. Continue reading

The Under Appreciated Teachers

During Teacher’s Day, pupils normally give flowers, cards and other simple gifts to express appreciation for their teachers. This is all well and good. Teachers truly deserve this tribute and honor.

However, there is a segment of the school’s organizational structure who usually do not receive the tribute and honor they deserve. Continue reading

2NE1 continues their winning comeback strategy on YouTube

Top Korean idol girl group 2NE1 continues their winning comeback strategy. YG Entertainment, 2NE1’s management, uploaded the group’s three Inkigayo debut performances on their official YouTube channel. These include 2NE1’s debut stages for Can’t Nobody, Go Away and Clap Your Hands, all from their new album, To Anyone.

Numerous international fans who have no access to Korean music shows are growing tired of uploaded videos being taken down due to copyright claims. By creating an official online venue for 2NE1’s performance videos, YGE allows international fans to enjoy 2NE1’s performances anytime.

Using online resources to spread 2NE1’s music and news is not new to YGE. It may be recalled that YGE officially launched their YG-Life Blog ( with 2NE1’s comeback album tracklist and teaser photos. The artists themselves foster online relationships with their fans through their minihompy accounts, a Korean social network. Sandara Park, a member of 2NE1, is known as the “Queen of Minihompy.” With their effective use of online strategies, it is not a surprise that 2NE1 has topped and continues to top several music charts since their comeback.

Super Junior breaks silence over controversial members Kangin and Hankyung

The remaining members of Korean supergroup Super Junior finally broke their silence and shared their feelings about controversial members Kangin and Hankyung. Fans of the formerly thirteen-member idol group are familiar with controversies involving these two members: Kangin was involved in an assault case shortly followed by a drunk driving incident, while Hankyung abruptly resigned from the group to pursue a solo career in China. This break was particularly infamous because he ended up suing SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s management and record label.

During the Chuseok special of MBC’s Radio Star Super Show, the members expressed that when Kangin was first involved in the assault case, they felt the need to shield and protect him. However, they felt betrayed after he was involved in a drunk driving incident just a month later. The members continued, “We believed that we are all one, so we tried to protect him as much as possible. They say that time heals, and as time passed, our feelings softened as well.” Kangin is currently serving his mandatory military service.

As for their feelings for Hankyung’s decision to sue SM Entertainment and leave the group, the members stressed they were close to him. However, given the circumstances, they have not been able to contact Hankyung. Lee Teuk, Super Junior’s leader, said, “It would have been nice if he discussed his problems with the members first because we honestly had no idea.” The members further said they were quite disappointed when they learned of reports about how difficult Hankyung’s life was in Korea and how the Super Junior members did not take care of him.

Fans can still hope for a reunited Super Junior as Lee Teuk, once voted best leader of an idol group, said that “We leave an empty space for Hankyung. My one dream is to stand on stage with all 13 of us and perform before I leave for the army. I hope for it to happen.” With their loyal fans behind them, the leader’s dream will not be impossible to achieve.