Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair

What a surprising and fun Saturday afternoon I had today. Thanks to Etude House!

I visited SM The Block today as part of my daily Saturday grocery run. What a pleasant surprise that Etude House was having their “Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair” event. I wanted to enter the fair so I shopped a little at Etude House to get a ticket. Wanna see what I got? Continue reading

How to teach Filipino to an English-speaking child

My son is an English-speaking 7-year old currently in Grade 1. I am trilingual. I can speak English, Filipino and Chinese. My husband is an extremely well-versed English speaker and writer. It should not be surprising to you to know that my son developed above average English language skills but is not very good in Filipino. This is not entirely uncommon as I know many mothers who face the same challenge of teaching Filipino to an English-speaking child. I would like to share some of the strategies I used to help my son catch up with his Filipino. So far, may of these techniques worked. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions on College Applications Part 2

This is a continuation of the Frequently Asked Questions post I recently made here. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask, please feel free to post a comment underneath, and I’ll do my best to answer it (if I’m appropriately qualified for that particular question). Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions on College Applications Part 1

As an admissions director in one of the top colleges in the Philippines, I have encountered a number of frequently asked questions and myths about the college application process. Let me address the questions and dispel some of the myths here. Continue reading