How to Apply for Psychology License without Examination in the Philippines

The Philippines now has an approved “Psychology Law” formally named as “REPUBLIC ACT No. 10029” or the “Philippine Psychology Act of 2009”. This law professionalizes the practice of psychology and provides guidelines for the licensure of psychologists and psychometricians who wish to practice the profession in the Philippines.

Many psychology graduates and colleagues are asking about the process for applying for the license without examination so I decided to share my experience through this blog. I just completed my application this morning. Here are some of the common questions I had myself. I feel future applicants will benefit from having them answered.

1. Do I qualify for the psychology and/or psychometrician license without examination?

I attended a “PAP Psychology Law” briefing at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde where Dr. Imelda Villar actively encouraged all applicants to first evaluate themselves using the qualifications checklist before applying for the license without examination. Here are the relevant links to the list of qualifications.

For Psychologists

For Psychometricians

2. Where do I find the link to the “Online Application for Psychologist and/or Psychometrician License without Examination” facility?

Before I give you the link, I have to say that you must first complete your documentary requirements before actually going through with the online application. Here’s the link. The first page of the link describes the requirements. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a statement of agreement which you have to check before clicking “continue” which will bring you to the actual online application system. Just to be sure, I printed the webpage after I answered the online form. The most important thing is to PRINT the confirmation page with the application number. Again, here’s the link.

3. What are the documentary requirements for the “Psychology and/or Psychometrician License without Examination”?

There are many documentary requirements so I will not put them here. Let me just refer you to the link with all the requirements for “Psychologist and/or Psychometrician License without Examination”. Good luck in completing your requirements.

4. Are there deadlines I need to know about?

Yes. The application for “Psychologist and/or Psychometrician License without Examination” is only until May 21, 2015. After that date, the “grandfather clause” lapses and all must take the licensure examination.

5. How much is the application fee?

The application fee is PhP900 for each application. Some professionals applied for both psychologist and psychometrician.

6. What do I do when I go to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)?

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is located at P. Paredes St. cor. Morayta St. Sampaloc, Manila. Here’s a map. Go early. I finished all the steps in 1 hour since I went at around 9AM. The PRC opens are 8AM. Before going there, make sure you have all your requirements inside a clear book as instructed on the link. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Make sure all requirements are ready as stated on the link.

Step 2: Go to third floor of the building on the left. Upon reaching the third floor, there’s a counter there to serve you. The lady who assisted me was very nice.

Step 3: The lady will inspect your requirements and if ok, she’ll issue you a card and instruct you to go to the cashier to pay the application fee and also to queue up and buy a doc stamp. Both the cashier and the doc stamp counter are in the ground floor.

Step 4: After paying the fee (PhP900 for each application) and getting the doc stamp (About PhP30 bucks), go back to the third floor and present your OR and other requirements.

Step 5: Go back to third floor and present your OR and other requirements.

Step 6: If all is well, get your follow-up slip from the lady.

Step 7: Go home and wait for the result.

7. How do I know if I was approved?

The PRC will post the names of those who were approved through their published resolutions. Here’s the link to all the resolutions posted.

I am not sure if my application will be approved but regardless, I like to say thank you to the many Filipino psychologists who made a way for psychologists and psychometricians to be recognized as professionals. Let us continue to serve with love and compassion as we practice our profession.

[Update] I was included in the Board Resolution 26. I am now a licensed psychologist.

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