K-Pop girl group Secret comes back with “Talk That” MV and digital single

Less than two months after ending promotions for its hit single, Poison, K-Pop girl group Secret has releasedTalk That, a hot track produced by K-Pop hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger.

Talk That is a sultry mid-tempo R&B song that features some of the best vocal work of Hyosung, Sunhwa, Jieun, and Zinger. In particular, rapper Zinger, whose singing voice is actually quite nice (as Secret fans got to hear in the Japanese release So Much for Goodbye), gets some quality singing time here. It rather reminds me of SISTAR’s Alone, which rocketed that K-Pop girl group to superstardom.

TheTalk ThatMV is also another great release from Secret. In the MV, the girls showcase some dramatic acting skills to complement the song. Jieun showcases some bright red hair, while Zinger’s soft locks make her look even more feminine than ever. With the soft lighting and Hyosung’s dance explosion towards the end of the song, the girls are given even more opportunity to show new colors.

What do you think? Will Secret earn its first music show win since Starlight Moonlight with Talk That, or is the competition much too stiff?

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