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I received the press release below from a friend and I did not hesitate to share it with you because I myself am a fan of V-Tech and Mega Bloks. I got a V-Tech laptop for Christmas for my son when he was 2 and the toy lasted until I gave birth to my daughter who is now 5. My son is 9.

Mega Bloks, on the other hand, is my daughter’s favorite. She has various versions and sizes of Mega Bloks. Mega Bloks was also a huge part of my “kuya” transition for Nathan. When I brought Nicki home from the hospital, our press release was that Nicki had a gift for her kuya. The gift? The exciting Diego the Explorer Mega Bloks kit. Guess who is playing with it now? Yes, you are right. Nicki is. Just goes to show you how long V-Tech and Mega Bloks toys last.

The Importance of Investing on Educational Toys for Our Children

For parents, no sight is more gratifying than seeing one’s child having the time of his life by merely playing: pretending to be a superhero; or building, breaking and rebuilding colorful blocks. There is no limit to their imagination as to what they could build: be it a house or an imagined “colossal” structure.  Just hearing their innocent laughter, glee and excitement is enough to make a parent’s day.

That’s why it is important for parents to invest on educational toys: toys that enhance a child’s development by allowing his imagination to soar, expand his currently limited world, and even prepare him for leadership in the future. These toys however, should be appropriate to his age and development.

Among the learning benefits children ought to derive from their toys are creativity and imagination, fine motor skills, reasoning and problem-solving.  Manipulating their toys would help them develop muscle movement and hand-to-eye coordination. These toys will also keep them mentally active, allow them to interpret sensory information while playing, as well as expand their ability to reason and solve problems.

Everything a baby learns during the first year of his life starts with the senses. In fact, sensory stimulation actually “lights up” key areas of a baby’s brain. It is thus important for a parent to choose a baby’s toys wisely and pick only ones that stimulate the newborn’s sense and development right from the start.

From 6 months to 2 ½ years of age, it is important to bring out the best in the baby or toddler. This could be done by encouraging them to play, learn and discover to stimulate their imagination and senses and introduce age-appropriate concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors,  sounds and textures. It is equally important that they develop their mental and physical abilities at this stage in their lives.

When children reach pre-school, toys ought to engage their brains as they learn basics like spelling, language skills, math and so much more. Motion-activated educational gaming systems encourage them to learn and interact with their favorite characters, as it is easier for them to learn if they are familiar with or really like a particular cartoon character like Dora the Explorer or Spongebob.

As children grow older, they learn faster when they have interactive school essentials such as phonics, letters, numbers, spelling and letter writing. Faux laptops for instance usually offer superior-quality and appropriate activities so the child could progress confidently in various fields of learning.

Nowadays, there are cool, aspirational and inspiring – albeit age-appropriate – computers for kids aged 4-10 for curriculum-related learning.  There are animated storytelling devices that enable kids to watch the story and read games. Some of them even carry a story dictionary which lets children check the meaning of difficult words! Sometimes, they come with parent-friendly extras like reading records, website-based progress trackers and downloadable content.

There even are handheld educational video gaming systems that are finger touch-sensitive and have easy-slide QWERTY boards.

Take note that advanced learning through educational toys – modified with fun and games — are good foundations for your child’s early development and future role as a leader.

Among the products parents could trust are Mega Bloks – a family of quality-trusted brands. Mega Bloks has building blocks targeted to children aged 6-24 months (Maxi), 3+ years (Mini), as well as for kids in pre-school (Micro).

VTech Baby toys for newborns to 3-year-olds stimulate the senses and interest in different concepts such as textures, sounds, shapes and colors. VTech Pre-School for 3 to 6-year-olds market interactive toys that develop the imagination of children and encourage language development; and for 4 to10-year-olds, electric learning computers. VTech also has interactive e-reading systems and touch learning systems.

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