Black Swan enchants

‘Black Swan’ is a movie that any lover of art must experience. The story of a ballerina who goes through a dark transformation in order to present the highest form of art provides an opportunity for the audience to journey through the workings of an artists’ sensibilities and what they sacrifice to achieve their artistic vision.

‘Black Swan’ is a psychological thriller said to be a companion piece to ‘The Wrestler’. Nina, a gifted ballet dancer, was given the role of The Swan Queen but with a twist. She has to dance both the virginal White Swan and the sensual Black Swan. Being a straightforward technique-driven dancer, she finds it difficult to lose herself and dance the Black Swan. The pressure she faces is made worse by the presence of another gifted dancer, Lily who Nina felt is trying to take her much-coveted role.

‘Black Swan’ is not simply a movie but it is a conversation piece and a therapeutic experience. It is a conversation piece in that the themes of the movie provides a metaphor for what artists experience when they enter their world of method acting. Artists, specially actors and performers, typically have out-of-body experiences to become one with their art-form. As Nina starts to become the Black Swan, she loses parts of herself up to a dangerous point. The movie is also therapeutic in that it gives an opportunity for the viewer to experience their fears, struggles and pressures through Nina. ‘Black Swan’ is truly a masterpiece worth watching.


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