The Little Things Make the Difference

My dear Ganns,

On our 8th year anniversary, let me tell you how much I appreciate the little things that you do.

  • When I am engrossed with my work, both worthwhile and for fun, I feel refreshed whenever you bring me water to drink.
  • When you wash the dishes after I cooked our meal, it feels like heaven! You just know how much I love to cook but I hate washing dishes! We complete each other!
  • When you tuck the kids to bed on evenings when they seem much too active to let me go, you give me a chance to recuperate.
  • When you clean up the spam comments on my blog, it feels like a magician zapped them away.
  • When you patiently hold the warm compress against my back when it feels specially painful, your touch soothes the pain away.
  • When you stop by the grocery store to buy one or two items I need even when you’re tired.
  • When you surprise me with those little….and not-so-little handmade K-pop-inspired gifts, you make me feel like a giddy teenager…and that’s good?!
  • When you silently pray for me. I do not know exactly what you ask God for but I know you pray for me and I appreciate it.

I have told my friends that I feel I have the best husband on earth. I do feel that even if I do not express it too much. Babe, the little things that you do for me truly makes a big difference. I love you and I continue to pray that our love and partnership deepens even more.

Much love and gratitude,


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