Koryo: Korean Fast Food Review

Koryo, a hip Korean fast food restaurant opened at the Sky Garden area of SM The Block and since I live in Quezon City, I had to try it. I described the restaurant as “Korean fast food” since the setup is very similar to other fast food places in the metro. Customers have to queue up and order their food “Kenny Rogers” style. Koryo offers traditional Korean grilled meats including Korean BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, breaded chicken and salmon. Of all the meats they offered, the liked the BBQ beef and salmon the best. My younger brother liked the BBQ chicken.

Koryu Breaded Chicken and Salmon

Koryo Korean Beef and Chicken

Consistent with the “Kenny Rogers” and “KFC” style, customers may order a solo meal with one or more meats and selected side dishes. They can also order a family size meal with their choice of meats and side dishes in any combination. Koryo offers a variety of side dishes including rice, kimchi, spicy squid, steamed egg, tofu, garlic potatoes, macaroni and others. Koryo is supposedly known in Korea for their garlic potatoes. I had some. It was good but a bit sweet for my taste. The spicy squid is good but a bit hard to chew and swallow so you eat it one at a time. The kimchi is very good but it would have been better served chilled. The other side dishes were unremarkable for me to remember.

Koryu Side Dishes

Koryo Potato

Koryo Kimchi

Koryo is well designed and would be a great hang out place for Saturday night outs with friends and family. However, the price may be a bit steep since the size of the meat specially the beef is not commensurate to the price. The prices of the side dishes are also a bit steep. If you will order extra side dishes, I’d recommend the kimchi. They also serve soft drinks in cans but of course, at restaurant prices.
Update: This restaurant has closed down.

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