Electrifying Hearts: SHINee The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’ Launch Review

Today is a special day for all Filipino Shawols. It’s the official release of SHINee’s 2nd Album Lucifer for the Philippine market. Since my best friend had already given me a SHINee Lucifer Version B with an amazing plastic folder freebie for my birthday (Thanks, Sally!), I was not planning to get a copy of the Philippine release.

My SHINee Lucifer Version B with a Cool Plastic Folder Freebie!

However, together with my enabler husband, Ganns, and daughter Nicki, I ended up purchasing version A. I plan to raffle that off here on my blog within the coming week so stay tuned for details. =)

The Shining Filipino Shawols during the Electrifying Hearts SHINee Album Launch Event at Astrovision SM The Block.

The album launch seemed successful. The queue was orderly and I observed some fans dancing to SHINee songs. The young shawols were just so adorable!

SHINee Lucifer Posters

SHINee World PH set up a booth where they gave out temporary membership cards and asked some fans to accomplish membership forms. I was too embarrassed to put my year of birth so secret ko na lang yun! Hahaha. Regardless, I appreciated their small SHINee promo cards which were way better than the photocards prepared by Universal Records. The free photocards were really really poor quality. The color printing was sooo dull, it managed to make the cute SHINee boys look dull and dispirited. =( I doubt SM Entertainment will approve of that kind of quality.

Universal Records' SHINee Photocards Fail!

SHINee World PH cards win!

The free poster was also a disappointment. The quality of the printing was so poor that the image just looked so pixelated. I know the style was a bit pixelated but the print quality didn’t help. I guess the version B poster is way better. Come on, the SHINee posters my husband made for me were way better than this official poster. I know…I know…my husband is cool. =)

SHINee Lucifer Free Poster Fail (Looks good from afar but up close...not very)

My personalized SHINee posters courtesy of my enabler husband.

Even if I was not very happy with the quality of the goods sold and given during the SHINee Lucifer launch, I still feel good that I supported my favorite dongsengs of kpop today. It is not really surprising that the Korean version is loads better than the Philippine version since they put so much emphasis on cd quality and jacket design. Still, thanks to Universal Records for bringing SHINee to the Philippine market. SHINee is truly a talented group worthy of distribution. However, I hope that next time they will provide better quality for the fans. It is such a travesty if the excellent music and concept of their album is wasted on cheap packaging and poor quality freebies. Their talent and the loyalty of their fans deserve better than that.

By the way, I am joining the Side by Side with SHINee contest, this will be my entry. Do you think I have a chance?

The youngest and cutest SHINee fan!

SHINee fighting! =)

UPDATE as of 10-6-10: Nicki’s Photo won as Core’s Choice! Thanks to SHINeeWorld PH! =)

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