The top ten highlights of the Rain Intensity show in Manila

Last night, I attended one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life and it’s all because of one performer–RAIN!

To be honest, I may be considered a Rain newbie. I am not really a huge fan although I knew him. I mean, if you’ve never heard of Rain, you were probably living under a huge rock these past year. Rain is THE Korean superstar who was recently in Ninja Assasin. He is well known for his singing, dancing and acting. I actually got to learn more about him when Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” jokingly challenged him to a dance off and recently commented on his “MTV Baddest Bad Ass” Award. Click here for the news report about this.

Anyway, since I can’t really write a blow by blow account, let me just give you my top ten highlights of the Rain Intensity show in Manila. My husband did something like this for the Super Junior Super Show 2 in Manila.

10. The opportunity – The night before the concert, a close friend chatted up my husband to offer tickets her friend was selling. Since there was a huge discount, I called my best friend Sally and asked if she’s interested. Since the tickets were discounted, we went for it. I also called another friend but she was not interested. The next morning, I got the tickets and prepared to go to the concert. We made sure we had umbrellas and a change of clothes. I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my ticket and it said VIP. I was really only expecting a gold ticket.

9. The weather – The day of the concert, the weather was a little weird. It looked like it might rain but thank God, it didn’t. There was Rain but the kind we all wanted. Hehehehe.

8. Christian Bautista’s One Way cover- I have never seen a performance of Christian Bautista but I have to say that he’s a great performer. I liked his first song which I found out was a kpop song. It is entitled “Wrong Number” according to my friend Aiya. I also liked his wit when he said “One song down. One song closer to Rain.”

7. U-KISS’s Kibum – I was very surprised to see Kim Hyung Jun of SS501 last Saturday. No, actually…it was his younger brother. From afar, he really looked like Baby! =) That’s the only reason why he’s on this list. =)

6. U-KISS’s Alexander – I am a huge Kim Hyun Joong fan and I never thought that I’ll see someone who looks very much like him. Alexander is very cute in person and his personality shines on stage. He’s really entertaining because he’s just so funny. I wonder why his album pictures did not do him any justice. In person, he’s really quite handsome. I also liked his Secret “Magik” dance.

5. Meeting new friends – Since there were no seats at all, everyone was standing. We were standing from 630PM up to 10PM. It was worth it, though, because the show was excellent. I have to thank the new friends I met at the show because they made the wait fun. There’s Hera, a huge Rain fan and Manelle, the mommy of MBLAQ Philippines among others. See you on facebook! =)

4. Rain’s backgrounds and light effects – The stage was quite simple but the video backgrounds Rain prepared were good enough to create excitement among the audience. I loved the raindrop effects in the opening and the words “Raining in Manila”. The effect is quite exciting for those watching. There was also a lights explosion when he was singing Rainism. The video backgrounds flashed the expected fanchants for his songs. So, even a Rain newbie like me can sing/chant along. Shall we say: “I do.”, “It’s Raining, It’s Raining, It’s Raining”, “Hip Song, Hip Song, Hip Song, Hip Song”, and others?

3. Rain’s Rainism performance – This song is awesome and seeing it done live is just magical. Rain’s performance really shows the feel of the song. I feel like he’s really a bad boy… =)

2. Rain’s Hip Song performance – This was the last song he performed, I think. I liked the choreography of this song because it really looked hip. Rain’s execution despite the obvious perspiration is just impressive. I really did dance when he performed this song.

1. Rain’s Love Song performance – I love “Love Song”. This is actually my favorite Rain song so far. I remember when he debuted this song, I was totally entralled by the choreography and I know I am not alone. I kept wondering how a love song can have such strong but masculine choreography. Only Rain can do that. Seeing “Love Song” performed live is total magic. The costume is SHINING…as in literally. It literally looked like diamonds. Someone said that it was actually made of Swarovski crystals. One of the best moments of this performance was when his fans were expecting him to show his abs but he didn’t. He actually smiled a sly smile. Maybe he didn’t do it because he thinks the Philippines is a conservative country…He did show his abs later on in the show. It’s really quite funny that some fans taking fancams were unprepared when he showed his abs. My friend actually heard comments like: “Ay…di pa handa ang camera ko!” (Ah! My camera is not yet ready!”) Hahaha.

Overall, Rain’s show was excellent. If ever he decides to have a full concert in Manila, I will definitely see that. =)

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