My Twilight Saga Eclipse Inspired Fanfiction

Caths and Edward

Caths and Edward Cullen

Before The Twilight Saga became the big monster hit that it is today, I was a Twilighter. I devoured everything Twilight including fanfictions. I wrote two Eclipse fanfictions which were accepted by, one of the biggest Twilight fanfiction sites. My stories did get a lot of reads and were rated very well. I invite you to read my fanfictions including Witness and Edward’s Choice.

Edward’s Choice

What was Edward’s thought process as he made the decision to send a wedding invitation to Jacob Black? Discover what his motivation was in inviting Jacob. See what he thinks of his proposal, the wedding invitation, Bella’s reasons for marrying him and her decision not to invite Jacob. This story fills a missing moment at the end of Eclipse.


This is a mirror piece of Eclipse Chapter 27 (Needs) pages 605-611.

Enjoy and give me your reviews! Happy Eclipse showing this week!

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