A Dinner Disaster

Bounty Fresh Chicken

Bounty Fresh Chicken Honey Butter Flavor

Last night, I had a major chicken dinner disaster. I cooked 2 Bounty Fresh Chicken Honey Butter flavor using my Turbo Broiler. I followed the instructions to the letter. However, after the suggested time elapsed, the chicken was uncooked. I decided to finish cooking the chickens in the microwave oven to cook the inside. It worked. However…when I tried it, it tasted sour.

“Is the chicken expired?”, I thought to myself. I looked at the best before information and it said 6/30/10 so it should not be spoiled.

Since I cooked 2 chickens, I tried the other one. Also sour. Also spoiled. That’s PhP 280.00 I’m not getting back!?! What a waste of money, time, electricity and effort!

Lesson learned: These ready-to-eat chickens must be kept in a heavy duty freezer or prepared right after purchase. My family ended up eating Jollibee food and Korean kimchi ramen for dinner. It broke my heart to throw food away but at the expense of my family’s health? Never!

The Chicken Dinner Disaster

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