LBC "Hari ng Padala" — It Depends…

LBC Hari ng Padala

LBC Hari ng Padala--It Depends...

LBC “Hari ng Padala” touts itself to be the “King” of delivery service but I was sorely disappointed last Monday when I tried to send Super Ferry tickets to the LBC Valencia branch for pick-up. Just a day before, my husband did not have any problem sending a ticket through LBC Market Market but last Monday, the LBC SM The Block branch said that we have to sign a waiver because it may take about 5 days before our tickets arrive. They said that normally it is within 1 to 2 days but we still have to sign a waiver. This “condition” was told to us in such a disrespectful manner that I could not believe they had posters on the wall saying “24 hours service”, “48 hours service” and the like.

I called a friend who experienced sending through LBC and she advised me not to sign the waiver. Lo and behold, when she called the LBC customer service, they said there is no such waiver and that it will take a maximum of 2 days. I walked out of the LBC SM North Edsa branch and  tried another LBC branch at San Francisco Del Monte. This time around, I had no problems. The tickets are now in Valencia City.

Lesson learned: The quality of LBC service depends on the branch. I guess it is better to go to the smaller branches than the ones situated in malls.

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