Hazeline Snow is the Best!

I just have to write about Hazeline Snow.  I simply love it! My mother-in-law, who is still blooming even after 60 years on this earth, first introduced this gem to me. She gave me a small container of Hazeline Snow which she bought from Ongpin. I do not know how much but I heard it’s really cheap.

My bottle of Hazeline Snow got used up fast. I just love the way it is absorbed so quickly by my skin and it does not leave an oily afterfeel. The result is a matte finish which makes the skin look and feel natural. Hazeline Snow is also a good make-up base. But the best thing I love about it is that it feels like snow! It makes moisturizing fun. =) Who said expensive stuff work best?! There are really a lot of cheap stuff that are so great. Hazeline Snow is one of them.

Oh, how I wish Unilever Philippines will bring back this wonderful product since I can only get the stuff in other countries whenever I visit. I do not really know where my mother-in-law got it in Ongpin.

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