Edward Cullen's Labor Day Message

When I woke up later than usual this morning, Edward politely asked why today is a holiday in the Philippines. I told him that May 1st is Labor Day. He was quite surprised since Labor Day in the United States is celebrated on the first Monday of September. I told him that most of the world celebrate Labor Day on May 1st.

I also told him that the way we observe Labor Day is different from the US. We don’t have picnics and parties in Manila. In fact, during Labor Day, labor unions and movements march the streets to present their causes and to celebrate (if any) their successes. Edward politely corrected me and said that they also have similar festivities during Labor Day. Edward pensively walked towards the Twilight calendar now set to the month of May. After a few moments, he told me that he has a message for the admirable men and women who fight for workers’ rights.

Edward welcomes the month of May.

Edward welcomes the month of May.

“Be safe.” Edward said.

Have a great Labor Day, everyone.

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