The Twilight Saga Review

I finally succumbed to the temptation! I had read about the Twilight saga from the In Print newsletter last December and their review piqued my curiosity. However, my busy schedule didn’t allow me the luxury of reading for pleasure. 

Two Sundays ago, I saw the first of the series in National bookstore. Seeing that it was reasonably priced, I got myself a copy. I never thought that this saga will not just fill my time but has turned me into a crazed fan. I am hungry for more! Good thing Stephenie Meyer gives me more by posting outtakes in her website. I loved Midnight Sun, Rosalie’s News and Miscalculation. I read the entire series including Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in just a week and a half. I had talked to people around me endlessly about the books. I think they are just about sick of hearing about it. My husband encouraged me to write a review but I am having a difficult time because I just love the books so much that I can’t seem to be objective in writing a review. I’ll just give you five reasons (not in any order) why you should read it. 

1. Love Triangle
2. Simple yet delicious writing 
3. Extremely romantic but the beauty is in the seduction
4. Metaphors, allusions and foreshadows abound
5. Engaging and entertaining

Ok…ok…I’ll admit it….the reason why you should read this book is Edward! Meyer writes her romantic protagonist in the tradition of Jane Austen. Who will not fall in love with him? 

Ladies…you will enjoy these books. Gentlemen…I suggest you stay away and wait for the movie. Take your wife or special someone. I’m sure you’ll earn pogi points. =)

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