U23D Review

I am not a big U2 fan. I know some of their more popular hits like ‘With or Without You’, ‘Pride (In the Name of Love)’ and ‘One’. I am not the type of person who would watch a rock concert but when I saw U2 3D, I really got into the show. The technology is just so awesome that you get up close and personal with the band. You can actually feel the energy of the crowd and feel the passion of the performers. Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry performed with such expertise and passion, you can really feel their energy. Wanna get an idea of how up close you’ll get? Well, you will be so close as to see the tissue box beside Larry and water bottles for The Edge. You can even see the perspiration of Bono. U2 3D made a convert out of me. I can now see myself watching a rock concert. This show is a genius expression of music and movie artistry. In the Philippines, it is showing on SM Mall of Asia IMAX Theater and the 3D Theater in SM The Block.

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