The one with Joshua and Gaining Influence

Passage: Joshua 1: 1-18
Praise: Trust and obey

When Joshua and Caleb gave a good report of what they saw at Canaan, the Israelites did not heed their word because they lacked influence. With the other 10 spies giving a bad report, the Israelites did not believe in 2 uninfluencial spies. It is good to learn how Joshua was able to turn things around and prove himself worthy to be Moses’ successor. Joshua is a good example of a man who built a strong relationship with God. He prayed a lot and he meditated on God’s word. Joshua also obeyed God’s specific instructions (i.e., Attach of Jericho) and has shown faith and commitment. Because of his good example, the Israelites started to see him as a leader. He gained influence from his character and not his appointed position.

From Joshua’s story, I learned that keeping a relationship with God is very important in gaining influence. If one is in partnership with God, it is not difficult to do the right things and to make the right decisions. Using God’s word as a lens, decision-making becomes so much easier.

In many of my old entries, I mentioned having some problems at work. Indeed, God is good because after I trusted him with the situation, He turned it around in the best possible way. I never even thought it would be possible but the Lord ways are truly higher than ours.

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