Home! Had a great time traveling around Ilocos. There were some high and low points during the visit. I saw the preserved body of Ferdinand Marcos in Batac. Believe me, the mausoleum was so creepy. Imagine, total darkness with only a spotlight focusing on his preserved body. The haunting dirge playing continuously didn’t help in augmenting the unappealing atmosphere. Well, it was an experience. I also visited the Malacañang of the North to witness anew the extravagance of the Marcoses. A day after, we went to Pagudpud beach, the Boracay of the North, as they say. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. The beach was breathtaking and the waters were incredibly clean. It was so beautiful, I stayed there for at least 3 straight hours! Now, I have a great tan! Well, at least, I think so. =)

So, how was your summer break?

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